Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday, May 24

Hello Families! It is crazy to think that we are entering our last week of school! I must say, it feels quite different this year. 

Final Stoneridge Parade: This Wednesday, 5/27, at 12pm, we will have our last parade of the year. 

Please watch is video with your children for the details: 

Parade Video

PTC Positions!
The following PTC positions are open. Please look them over and consider putting your hat in the ring. In the next blog, there will be a form for you to officially put your name in for a position. The following week, everyone will have to opportunity to vote. 
President (2-year term): 
Oversees all of the PTC board positions. Works in the best interest of Stoneridge Elementary. Good listener that works well with others; Enjoys collaborating. Oversees events, goals and budget. 

Vice President of Communication (1-year term): 
Manages the website and social media posting for the PTC. Creates and shares emails/messages with teachers and community. Also publicizes events, and more. 

Vice President of Fundraisers (2-year term):
Responsible for overseeing the fundraising committees (i.e.: skate nights, spirit nights, Box Tops, Jogathon, Carnival, Benefit for the Arts, etc.) Works with the committee chair/team as the first point of contact for fundraising efforts. 

Vice President of Events (2-year term): 
Responsible for overseeing the school event committees (i.e.: back to School, Ice Cream Social, Teacher Appreciation, Evening Family Event, etc. ) Works with the committee chair/team as the first point of contact for school events.

Treasurer (2-year term):
Provides monthly account tracking, manages spend spreadsheet, and oversees master budget. Also, does the receipt organization and taxes.

Material Pick Up:
We will have one more material pick up for you to get your student's final items and artwork. There will be more information in next week's blog. The dates are 6/1-6/5. This is the schedule:
Monday, 6/1
12-1 pm: Last Name A-E
1-2 pm: Last Name F-J
2-3 pm: Last Name K-O
3-4 pm: Last Name P-T
4-5 pm: Last Name U-Z
5-6 pm: Open
Tuesday, 6/2
7-9 am: Open
9-10 am:Last Name A-E
10-11 am: Last Name F-J
11-12 pm: Last Name K-O
1-2 pm: Last Name P-T
3-4 pm: Last Name U-Z
Wednesday, 6/3
9-3 pm: Open
Thursday, 6/4
9-3 pm: Open
Friday, 6/5
9-2 pm: Open

Below is the information you received in the most recent email from the district:
Continuous Learning
Next week, RCSD will be sending out an example continuous learning schedule for summer. It will include independent online grade-level math and reading, reading reflection prompts, as well as a schedule to incorporate Edutyping for typing practice.

Social-Emotional Learning
Hey parents! As you look towards the summer break, you might be wondering how you can support your child’s social and emotional health, especially since everything social is canceled! 
Join Kristen Baisden, RCSD School Psychologist, Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, founder of the Thriving School Psychologist, and Elizabeth Sautter of “Make Social Learning Stick” on this special Facebook Live event to:
-Get ideas on how to keep your kids engaged, connected and happy this summer
-Learn ways to help your child manage disappointment and prevent isolation
-Get tips on how to teach social-emotional and coping skills in your everyday routines 

While there are a lot of unknowns, what we do know is that you are your child’s most important social and emotional coach, and you got this! 
Tune in on Tuesday, May 26th at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time on Make Social Learning Stick’s Facebook Page (

2020-2021 Planning Survey for Fall 2020 
Thank you for all the families that have filled out the Planning Survey sent earlier this week. Please take a moment to fill out the survey by May 28th.
2019-2020 Distance Learning Family Survey
The sudden shift to distance learning in the spring brought both successes and challenges to our students, staff, and families. In RCSD we value feedback and want to continue working together to plan for success and ways to adapt to the challenges posed by COVID-19.  We need your feedback to understand what worked, what didn't work,  and what supports are required to support learning in 2020-2021. On Tuesday, you will receive a Distance Learning Survey. Please take some time to provide feedback and share your perspective. Please complete the survey by June 1.

Please take the day to play tomorrow so it feels like a three day weekend. You all deserve a break!

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